The gold standard for sustainable health.

EcoWellness is transforming the healthcare system with food, labels and health programs

A movement for human health to reduce CO₂ emissions.

An IFOAM standard.


EcoWellness Workshop: Personalization for a healthy life by Reinhard Stefan Tomek

In this EcoWellness workshop by Reinhard Stefan Tomek in Bad Gastein, the importance of personalization in nutrition, behavior, and environment is explored, both in scientific research and everyday life. Discover how adapting our lifestyle can help us stay healthier rather than getting sick, and find out how CO2 reduction plays a role in this.

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Prof. Michalsen: Prevention and health in nutrition. What makes us sick?

In this captivating lecture on EcoWellness, Prof. Dr. Andreas Michalsen shares his expertise on prevention and health in nutrition. Discover the factors that make us sick and learn how to prevent diseases through conscious eating habits. Get inspired by the latest scientific findings and practical tips to lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

What is the movement?

Our vision is to provide companies with a set of rules and the tools to optimize occupational healthcare.

Through our three divisions, we have created a system solution that is in line with the EU’s new ESG rules. And complemented them with cultural requirements.

This system solution aims to keep your employees healthy instead of treating illnesses. It is a solution that can be used in the B2B area from the field to the doctor.

The group of companies was created by the INtegrated ART movement and the resulting INtegrated ART I AG, founded in 1996 in Hamburg, today in Berlin and soon as INtegrated ART Consulting & Projektmanagement in Kassel. 

Some refer to the movement as “State of the Art” in the subject area of prevention and health promotion.

Our solutions for the health of your company

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Consulting and certification according to the highest ESG standards

EcoWellness Health Logo

Innovative occupational health management

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Food that enhances health

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Personalized nutrition, diagnostics and medical wellness programs

EcoWellness team with the experts of the advisory board:

Prof. Dr. Michalsen, Fabian Barros, Prof. Dr. Vormann, Prof. Dr. Rehak, RS. Tomek (CEO), David Trümmner

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